The Stages of the Certificate

Evaluation of the curriculum vitae

On-line test of 100 questions (multiple choice)

Presentation of a Case Study to the advisory board


The certification of informal qualifications in the field of social economy.

The establishment of a European certificate of qualifications for Consultants of Social Economy

The assistance of the professional development of executives and Consultants.

The establishment of European prototypes for the certification of informal qualifications .

The facilitation of the comparison of competences across boundaries.

The development of social businesses.

Through the process of certification the informal knowledge that advisors/educators of social economy have acquired will be evaluated.

In specific, three categories of learning outcomes will be evaluated, and these include the following:

knowledge, skills and competences.

Do you want to offer the certification to consultants?

This certification has been created by the Institute of Entrepreneurship Development for the needs of the project:
«EC-ASE: European Certification for Advisors/Educators of Social Economy».

This project has been funded by the Leonardo Da Vinci program with support from the European Commission.